pimple, acne - cause , symptom and simple treatment process to remove all pimples from your face

pimple,  acne - cause , symptom and simple treatment process to remove all pimples from your face
Pimple, acne is one of the most common problem for many people including teenager boys, girls,man ,women. So here is an important note about, how to take care of your face knowing the cause responsible for pimples. And by which simple treatment process you can remove it from your beautiful face to become gorgeous.
What is pimple,acne ?
A small hard inflamed spot on the skin.it is a disease of hair follicle which is inflamed and painful mainly found on face, chest and back. It is a most common disease found on teen agers during puberty because sebaceous gland is more active during puberty. When hormone behaviour increases or the hormones amount increases then changes occur in our body.
Types of pimple, acne -
  • Whiteheads - a pale or white topped pustule on the skin.
  • Blackheads - a small spot on the skin especially on the face with a black top.
  • Pimples - A small hard inflamed spot on the skin.
  • Cyst - a cyst is a sac that may be filled with air, fluid or other material.
  • Nodules - a lump in the thyroid, the butterfly shaped gland at the base of the neck.
Causes of pimple, acne -
There are many different cause responsible for pimples. Lets know some main cause responsible for pimples.
  • Food - food is one of the most common factor responsible for the development of pimples,if any disorder in food then pimple may occur. Like if you eat more oily food, spicy food. Junk food is also a main cause for pimples. High content of carbohydrate, milk, pure cholesterol are aggravates pimple.
  • Cosmetic - use chemicals added cosmetic product in your face may be a big reason for pimples. Cosmetics product containing water base can aggravates pimples.
  • Hormones - when you grow the level of hormones increases and some new hormones form inside your body the if any disorder in hormone secretion may lead to pimples. It is normal because we cannot stop it but somehow we can control it.
  • Stress - if you take more stress daily then pimples may come to your face.
  • Pressure - pressure from chin, stereo, collar, helmet can aggravates pimples.
  • Hereditary - if this problem is present in the gene of your parents then it is difficult to control pimples.
  • Drug - some drugs can cause the formation of pimples in your skin. Due to some medication pimples are difficult to control. Such drugs are iodides, bromides and some steroid.
  • Pollution - now a day change in weather, environment the pollution level is increasing daily which may be a big reason for the development of pimples in your skin.
Symptoms -
If you found some red spot in your face with pain then pimples is growing in your face.
Treatment -
There are lots of treatment available in the market,  but you have choose the best for you. There are many different skin type available. So some treatment may show some side effect. So you have to choose the best treatment for your skin type. But here is some common natural process which you can follow to control your pimples.
  • Try not to touch or squeeze your pimples let it be there, because if you touch it then the bacteria from your palm can reach to pimples and they will make it larger.
  • Try to take 8 hour of quality sleep.
  • Wash your face with pure water more time you can.
  • Drink sufficient water. Because it purify your blood and throughout all the junk.
  • Try to avoid oily food as far as possible.
  • Try to use some natural herbs like aloe vera which is very much good for your face.
  • Try to use mild scrub and massage your skin softly with fresh and pure water.
  • Use some natural face wash which is suitable for your skin.

Pimples, acne - remove it to get a gorgeous face

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